Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Embarking on a New Adventure

Yes, ladies and gentlemen that is right. Our oldest, Elijah, has embarked on a new adventure this summer.

He has started to learn to ride his bike without training wheels!! We are probably behind on this "milestone" as he we will be 7 years old in 3 weeks but nonetheless we have "officially" started his training. Well I probably should not say we because I had nothing to do with it. His Papaw (Noah's dad) took him over to the elementary school near our house and practiced with him.

The Bad News: he ran into the only pole in the parking lot 4 times.

The Good News: he has pretty good balance and Papaw says that 7-8 more practice runs and he should be! :)


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  1. My kids are late riders too...I'm not sure why, but my 21-year-old never did learn to ride a bike. We tried to teach her a couple of summers ago because we felt we had failed her as parents and she just ended up getting hurt. No balance, I guess.