Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our middle child, Kirsten, is quite the character. I thought I would share with you some of the funny things she has done recently, other than the pool incident.

-Upon entering a public restroom that might be a little "smelly", Kirsten says in her not to quiet 5 year old voice "Cori! What is that smail (smell with a southern accent)!?!"

*note to readers, the bigger kids are not biologically mine. They are my step-children, that is why they call me Cori :)*

It is especially nice when the culprit of making the bathroom "smelly" is still in there. Super awesome mom moment.

-While driving home from a girls only breakfast with Kirsten and Bella last Saturday, Kirsten and I are talking about all the holidays in the year. I am telling them to her in order from first to last and I come to Memorial Day. She promptly says "Mario Day!?! Do we just play Mario all day? I don't even like Mario!"

-On our way home from vacation 2 weeks ago, Noah, Kirsten and I stop at a small country store for a few things. We get to the register and out of NOWHERE Kirsten says "Cori? You are my step-mom right?" "yes ma'am, I am" "Cori? Why do I HAVE to have two moms?" "We have discussed this before and we can discuss it later in private. Ok Honey?" "Ok I guess" (she never asked again, lol)

-It was late and Kirsten had just gotten out of the bath. Elijah was now in the bathtub and Kirsten asks "Where is Elijah?" Noah says "he is in the bath" Kirsten "Outside?" Noah "Kirsten, is there a bathtub outside?" Kirsten "no". ....a little later Kirsten is moping and Noah asks her what is wrong. She says "Well I really want to go outside with Elijah but I already have my pajamas on" Clearly she wasn't listening when we told her he was in the bathtub and not outside. ha!

-I walked in to Bella and Kirsten's room to hear Kirsten talking to Bella and saying "what is wrong baby? do you want a paci? do you want a puff? do you have a poopie? do you need a bottle? do you need some medicine? do your teefies hurt?" ha ha! It was sooo cute!

Kirsten is such a spirited child. She cracks us up daily! I can't believe she will be starting kindergarten in August!



  1. She sounds adorable! Love that first moment in the bathroom. I was crackin' up!