Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things You Should Not Do In An Attorney's Office

Or any other office/establishment away from the confines of your own home:

-Cut your toenails-I am absolutely not kidding. I have had more than one client do this in our lobby.

-Wear rollers in your hair, houseshoes (they are called HOUSEshoes for a reason) on your feet, or annoyingly obvious pajama pants.

-Bring your pets. Unless otherwise noted or a service animal, pets are not allowed in professional offices. Just because you don't want to leave "sparky" at home doesn't mean that we want your "baby" here in the office.

-Bring your breakfast/lunch/dinner with you into the lobby. Eat before you come in or leave early enough to eat at the fast food joint you stopped at. We don't need to smell McDonald's french fries wafting through the office all day.

-You should not call the paralegals/female attorneys "baby" "sweetie" "darling" "honey" "cutie" or any other words of affection. Ma'am, Miss or our names will be just fine.

-While the paralegal/attorney is trying to explain to you the answer to your NOT cut them off and tell them they are wrong. You asked them for advice and if you don't want to hear it then don't call. We are trying to help you but being cut off every 2 words by someone saying "I don think 'dat right" is pretty irritating and does not make our job any easier.

-We are not a garage sale, antique dealer, or craigslist seller so therefore our prices do not change when you try to "haggle" us. Would you go to Wal-Mart and ask them if they would take $99 for that $599 television? Probably not.

Ok..that is the end of my rant. I could go on and on about the annoyances of my job but I am just going to say that I am blessed to have a job that supports my family. I actually enjoy my job...just the clients irk me sometimes :)

Happy Wednesday!


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