Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was nothing grand. Church. Picnic lunch on the back patio for the kiddos. Then the fun part begins.

Bella was being cranky all morning. She refused to eat anything of any substance (with the exception of her favorite puffs). I had tried almost everything to get her to take a nap. So I was only left with one option: forfeit my afternoon and take a nap in my big empty queen sized bed with her. What can I say, I will do anything for my children, including take a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I sacrifice like that :)

So B and I are laying down fast asleep (finally, glory hallelujah!). I hear my door open and tiny little voices snickering. Then I hear "CORI! WHERE IS BELLA?" Yes, that is right ladies and gentlemen after working 2 hours to get her to take a nap and maybe 45 minutes of sleep, the big kids snuck "quietly" in to my room only to scream and ask where Bella was. Of course, Bella sat straight up in the bed.

Then my little hethens errr...sweet children asked if Bella was awake?!?! I said "if you don't get out of here in 2 seconds I am going to ....". They were gone before I could finish my sentence. Honestly, I don't remember how I was going to finish it. But I am guessing it wasn't going to be pleasant.

Needless to say, Bella refused to go back to sleep after that. REFUSED! So we got up and went into the playroom where the big kids were begging to go to the pool. I politely asked (told) my husband to take them swimming because I was NOT a happy camper and neither was Bella. She fussed and fussed all afternoon.

I finally decided to take her to the pool with the big kids and just when I was walking outside my husband and kids were pulling up. I asked why they came home so early and he said Kirsten said she needed to potty. This is where he tells me the super funny story of his day at the pool. :)

Dinner was uneventful. Oh except for Bella refusing to eat in her highchair and my mother in law who knew I had been dealing with a fussy baby all afternoon lovingly offered to feed Bella in her lap. Not sure she will be doing that again any time soon :)

After dinner, Bella was so tired and so cranky that I had to let her cry it out in her crib. I hate letting her do that. I sat outside her room and cried too. But she would not sleep any other way. I tried rocking her, singing to her, pushing her in the stroller...nothing worked. Felt like a huge mommy failure at that point in time.

Yep, that is how our Father's Day went. Oh daddy did get a new shirt and a new hat for Father's Day though :) Which he loved!

Hope your Father's Day was a little less eventful than mine :)


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